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The Origin Of The


First Published 1994 And Since Then 12 Million 700 Thousands & 43 Readers Read And Voted In Favor Of This Unprecedentedly Transparent Concept Of Governance .

For The Resources To Fund This Project Visit


Origin Of Doctrine

By The PUS

Dr M Z M Allamin .

First Publisher

1994 By

Mr Daida Hydara


Second Publisher

E.K. Seade


Text Revised By The DSGUS

Dr. Kvame Nee Kvvade
Revised Version Edited


Maitre A.B.B.A

Secretary General Of The


For Presentation To The Faculty Of

Economic Studies, Political Science



in to 36 languages


The UNIONSEED United Suffrage Revolution is a System of Government formation that is put in place following a UNIONSEED oriented general elections, in which the role of the party that won in such a general election, is restricted and limited (by the constitution of such a state) to oversee particularly designated responsibilities, that may limit authority to national defense and security related supervisory role .

The role of a President in such a Unionseed oriented government set up, may include the role of being fully in charged of all branches of the Arm Forces, Navy and Air Forces, as well as being fully active in playing the auditor like role of ensuring yearly national infrastructural development and project supervision.

It will as well be the responsibility of such a president to oversee all projects that cannot be completed within a period of 33 working months and 99 week-er days; likewise she or he the chosen president will be in charge of interior, stability and assure the smooth changing of governing and supervisory authority and responsibilities from one opposition group to another as the system rotates every thirty three working months .





3. The second political party to win in such an election will choose a Vice President or a Prime Minister. Such a winning party classified as being second in place, will be constitutionally obliged by law to align the 2ND political party (being his or her party) and the 3rd & 4Th participating opposition parties (all of which will be divide into three different meritocratic-ally selected groups of graduates and competent degree holders) whose qualifications will must be thoroughly scrutinized by the Upper, Middle and Lower Parliaments, before being considered eligible for government posts in such a rotating system.





Whereby the remaining Political Parties or groups of The People's Parliamentary Representatives (that appeared 5Th or 6Th , 7Th or 8Th, 9Th, or 10Th in position following such a general election) will after being entrusted with the responsibilities of running the entire Department of state for Health and Social security along with all Municipalities and Parliaments, be organized to run the Trade, Health and Social system of a nation for a duration of 99 working months along side the President. This group will be constantly supervised and audited by the rotating Prime Minister's or Vice President's government .
In fact one will soon learn that this group of minority Parties and Parliamentary Representatives are the main economic Power House of The UNIONSEED Oriented Government. The Prime Minister or Vice President will then be constitutionally conditioned to form a 33 working months government out of any one of the first three groups of opposition groupings.





2.Whereby the remaining two groups of political parties will each meanwhile be responsible for The Information and Communications department of states & finally



1. The Justice ministry will similarly and simultaneously be rotating along in turns every 33 working months and 99 week er days, hence at the end of every 33 working months and 99 week er days, the Prime Minister or Vice President will handover all responsibilities to another group of opposition alliance and move on to run and audit the newly inherited office; while his or her former office be similarly inherited, run and audited by the incoming administrations of the new Prime Minister or the new Vice President.
The three rotations of the three administrations will end after 99 working months in office, during when the president who is as well in charged of all security forces, will supervise and audit the opposition alliance as they run the trade oriented UNIONSEED economy .
In this UNIONSEED Suffrage Revolutionary System, each participating party shall, would and Must detailed out in writing all national, political and economic programme and clearly again state in writing readily available or known means of funding each and every one of all such development oriented programme and projects mentioned in ones Manifesto.

Parties should clearly attach unfailing dates that state the exact beginning and exact completion date and source of funding of each individual project or programme mentioned within their manifestos. Parties who cannot meet the above mentioned written preconditions, will be obliged to fully adopt the unedited UNIONSEED manifesto (as it is) before being accepted as potentially eligible political bodies that can be registered to participate in a rotating UNIONSEED government system.

Under the circumstance, all such political parties or UNIONSEED derivated trade organizations (that so decided to fully adopt The UNIONSEED UNIOM3 MANIFESTO) must add the initials U.S.R to their individual Political Parties or Organization's names, logos and identification initials in exchange for a fee to be determined by The S.P.O.T
Multinational corporation.

In fact the adjustment of such a U.S.R registration fee will play a very important role in determining the number of political parties capable of footing the cost of getting enrolled on the outset; since the more individual groups of nonsensical political organizations try to sabotage the system by enrolling not very serious political bodies, the higher the U.S.R registration fees.

Geccoz Strongly belief that The USR UNIONSEED rotating government system, is Superior to all known system of government organization ever known to humanity; a claim that was never challenged not even once in 15 years!
as proven
since the 1994 Daily Observer Newspaper publication
Wednesday December 14 & 15 ISSN 0796 0832 .













(A)You will frequently come across the following acronyms during the course of your reading and therefore advised to learn their true meanings before hand, so as to smooth-en your exploration of The United Nationalist International Operations Manual, a publication introduced as The UNIOM³CUBE manifesto modifying manual, a presentation of The GeCCoZ Generation.

(B)This document serves as a humanitarian guidance to the right socio-economic and political path to success; during this modern Generation Of Concretization Of Zonal Co-operations ; an effort fuelled by the emergence of GeCCoZ's development oriented innovative system call The UNIOM² SQUARE,that happens to be the technological answer strategicsed by GeCCoZ, as her long awaited mechanism for achieving her economic objectives of gradually submerging and eventual out-dating all falsely defined and instability proliferating doctrines. Attaining such an objective will without doubt be associated with all kinds of undesirable burden and economic constrains that comes along with all leading edge innovative revolutions of this magnitude.

(C)Under the circumstance, GeCCoZ recommended and in fact warned against all potential sabotage that would be totally unnecessary since it has been studying this trend of change for the past seventeen years and therefore has thoroughly and extensively measured and forecast all possible global socio-economic & political aftermath associated with this giant stride forward and therefore has as a result long since put in place both offensive and defensive shields to protect this course. Similarly GeCCoZ has applied all protective and ever supportive stabilizing economic & socio-political mechanisms that will serve as a protective umbrella that looks into to the interest of all other industries that symbiotically agreed to kneel down but with grace and not with defeat under the full supervision and protection of The S.P.O.T Union Of Multinational Corporations in association to The Breton Woods Affiliated Institutions and of cause headed by The United States,France, Britain, China, Japan, Holland, Swiss, Nigeria, South Africa, Senegal & Germany .

(D)But again Potential Saboteur, particularly unscrupulous remittance minor multinational groups that may have thought that they enjoyed an upper-hand, may doom to failure. Such groups may have wrongly miscalculated and unaware of the fact that we are armed with this unprecedented political doctrine that can instantly phase their entire ventures off the face of the entire AFROASIAN CONTINENTS and elsewhere; the reason for which the UNIONSEED warns such institutions to reconsider their INFRINGING OBJECTIVES ; and in fact be also aware that we have all available surveillance technology beamed on their undisclosed agenda. The UNIONSEED vow to met such sabotaging groups with an unprecedented decisive response of an unimaginable magnitude never witness in human history.

(E) To those institutions The UNIONSEED said Acts 13:10 "You who are full of every kind of craftiness and unscrupulous cunningness in all of your Devilish establishments that proved you are foe to all that is right for all; When will you cease to misrepresent the straight paths of the Lord? SUXAE! Ephesians 4:14 So we shall no longer be babes nor shall we resemble mariners tossed on the waves and carried about with every changing wind of doctrine according to men's cleverness and unscrupulous cunning, making use of every shifting device to mislead. SUXAE!

The S.P.O.T unions of development oriented multinational organizations synchronously preaches the universally embraced and unchallengeable


Of all The Parties & Of all The People, The Doctrine For all The Parties & For all The People and The Doctrine By All The Parties & By all The People of The



PAAAPAAA is the slogan for Peace And Accelerated Aid Package for Asia And Africa, being a member of which automatically enable member territories that acquired UNIONSEED approval to benefit from being a S.P.O.T & D.O.T.O.R.G aid recipient. whereby S.P.O.T means Supported Parliaments of Oriental & Third world Territories and D.O.T.O.R.G meaning Development Of Trade Of Revolving Governments.


The UNIONSEED & S.P.O.T revealed in this reminders note, that newly instated political institutions or administrations whose days in office seems to be numbered or dying away, can rejuvenate and re-start afresh an undisputed nine years term in office, pending that such a ruling party so decides and agreed to propose to her subjects a complete change to a S.P.O.T oriented administration (a system approved by almost all citizens and international governing socio-political bodies.


In the event whereby the concerned political party or government in control of power, rejects the proposal put forward by the S.P.O.T or the opposition (for a change from an unsupervised governing administration to a UNIONSEED oriented system that is fully supervised by the opposition parties of the Supported Parliaments of Oriental & Third world Territories) The S.P.O.T multinational group, will have no other choice but to extend all available support within her possession to more reliable institutions within the concerned territory being ruled by the dictator in question. Similarly a government in exile can as well acquire membership and likewise fully benifit from a Supported UNIONSEED Parliament while operating from abroad.


The United Nationalist Intervention On Suffrage Ensured Employment Decrees is a Development Oriented Transnational Organization of Revolving Governments, initiated by The S.P.O.T Multinational Corporation, an organization that aimed at Supporting Parliaments of Oriental & Third world Territories.Your majesties, your excellencies, heads of states, honourable members of parliaments, distinguished political party and community leaders, please joint with all sincerity by contributing ideas in the publication of this UNIONSEED making of history.


Comment you make or on behalf of the institutions you represent in this gathering of wise people and organizations, all of whose universal positive objectives are geared towards an enhanced and well developed world economy; your participation or that of your institutions (along establishments such as The United Nations, The IMF, The WB, The Union Of Arab League Of Nations, Israel and similar sister institutions) all willing to emulate better market base economic doctrines or systems similar to that advocated by this U.N.I.ON.S.E.E.D publication, will equally be rated most honourable for having participated in a most important world history making venue, staged by honourable partners of The S.P.O.T .multinational organization.


Your majesties, your excellencies, honourable heads of states, members of parliaments, political party and community leaders; in the event that any of the phrases and clauses in these S.P.O.T deliberations are found to be offensive or unfavourable, The UNIONSEED is hereby extending the most sincere of apologies in advance.


Your majesties, your excellencies, honourable heads of states, members of parliaments, political party and community leaders; if the U.N.I.ON.S.E.E.D organization may kindly ask; how you did manage to come to power or became the leader of your community, would you perhaps claim that it is because of the simple reason that you are (and the people know you to be) a devotee to the aspirations of the masses, the reason for which you were chosen to become their leader? however this U.N.I.ON.S.E.E.D questions is more precisely asked when framed in the following manner:

(1).what did you tell or promise the people that made them accept your representation or leadership?

(2). Were you able to back the promises you made to your constituents with a kind of collateral, in such that if your promises fails to materialize (on a precise given date) you will resign your post or compensate damages or will it simply become an electioneering mouth service of empty promises that may be followed by slogans of failure we often heard them say " we have tried our level best but man propose and God disposes" ?


Sir, Madam, since it appeared that you are perhaps reluctant to give an answer to these questions, The U.N.I.ON.S.E.E.D organization is therefore left with no other option, but to speculate on your behalves that;

(A). Perhaps being a skilful propagandist, armed with unmatched oratory techniques, your success in being able to manipulate the un-suspicious masses simply make you acquire an easy ride; under these circumstances, the U.N.I.ON.S.E.E.D Organization can therefore rightfully claim with all certainty that you talked your way to power.

(B). It could have as well been possible that because of the huge wealth you inherited or generated (perhaps through illegal means) fame easily came your way and under such circumstances (in the midst of economically deprived masses) the result of which may have

without doubt again facilitated your easy access to power.

(C). It could have as well been that your vast knowledge in socio-economic data on national accounts and your analytical expertise on state related matters, easily enabled you to have convinced both lay and book man to succumb to your presentations (thinking that you are the answer to national economic development) hence the result again landed you to the office of leadership.

(D). It is also possible that you were an activist, armed with a history of good deeds and respect for human rights; hence your admirable services to humanity landed you to power

(E). You could have at worst been an adventurer and an advocate of violence and war as a means of resolving disputes; hence because of your adventures, you became successful in ruling over terrorized cowards that succumb to your violent and dictatorial doctrines in exchange for being spared.


Sir, Madam, there is a possibility that one of the above situations could have been a channel through which your leadership success story materialized, the reason for which you should therefore be in the position to at least enlighten the U.N.I.ON.S.E.E.D Organization on how you did achieve your present foreman-ship status?

(4).Truly speaking, Sir, Madam, you may have succeeded in winning an election in the past, the fruits of which you now enjoy as the leader of your institution, but since those days seems to have past and gone following the publication of this doctrine, you should be very prepared to accept the fact that your success in winning any future elections to become a community or a political party leader, a member of parliament or the head of a nation, would really be based on your being far more effective in service delivery than other opposing parties of future races to all offices of power.


Moreover, being ineffective and less active in service delivery in any such future race to power, would have been fuelled by one's failure in being able to provide in writing a similarly and clearly written manifesto that contains ideas better than (S.P.O.T oriented) answers to all the outlined questions that would have been readily answered by all future contesting U.N.I.ON.S.E.E.D funded political party leaders and parliamentarians; the reasons for which you are advised to seek refuge from the publication titled UNIOM3 Manifestos Modifying Manual. The UNIONSEED & SPOTDOTORG are "The organization that Supports Parliamentary programs of Oriental & Third world Territories. This Manifesto Modifying Manual has been specially prepared for presidents and politicians who did not have or fail to be able to presented in WRITING a better doctrine. In this U.N.I.ON.S.E.E.D socio-political & economic publication, you will find all the answers on how to prepare a better leadership manifesto and find solutions to all the difficult questions to leadership problems.


Your majesties, your excellencies, heads of states, honourable members of parliaments, distinguished political party and community leaders, The U.N.I.ON.S.E.E.D organization is once again extending the most sincere of apologies in the event that any of the phrases and clauses in these deliberations are found to be distressful.


STABILITY created by The United Nationalist Universal Suffrage Constituted Decrees N° 1: The United Nationalist Universal Suffrage Union; presented this document compiled by The GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY of The UNIONSEED Organization, under the instructions and dictations of The United Nationalist Universal Suffrage Union, whose world wide 12,700,043 Internet contributors, thoroughly debated over every decree and clause contained in this publication, to the extent that it has been established as a generally accepted fact in the United States, Europe, and all peace and justice loving nations, that failure in organizing a government in this universally favoured setting (as described in the paragraphs of this publication) may lead to nothing less than the absence of good governance; especially in terms of economic development, unemployment and the lacking of the potential to reverse the high rise in basic commodity prices; hence chaos and instability may follow suite.


THE ARMY UN/US/CD N°3: Since instability is the main cause of fear that kept most investors away from pouring in funds into most parts of the world (especially when there is never a guarantee that chaos will not hinder economic development processes) The United Nationalist Universal Suffrage Union, fully backed by the economic muscles of The S.P.O.T Union of Transnational Corporations, agreed to brace up by creating a resisting and stronger economic force named The UNIONSEED.


UNIVERSAL IDEOLOGY UN/US/CD N°4: The United Nationalist Intervention On Suffrage Ensured Employment Decrees, The UNIONSEED for short, is a socio-economic organizations that promulgate the setting up of a government in which all constituents would directly be engaged in national development and therefore be ensured employment.

In the absence of the availability of the above promised employment, constituents must be compensated by being provided monthly social benefits, (however small a token such monthly social benefits would amount to ) so long as it served the purpose of being a fool proofed yardstick, means by which the elite, particularly the masses of the hoi-polloi (will individually be able to use such initial socially oriented sums, to be the yardstick, with which one's past, present and future economic achievement could be compared and measured on monthly basis) .

UNIOM 10: The insignificance or the minuteness of such setted aside socially oriented sum of money (that some un-industrious opposing factors within the out-gone and the outgoing administrations are calling socially oriented bribes and handouts) does not at all count in this initial stage of development of affairs; what is being aimed at is the fact that there is a financial yardstick by which the weighting of individual personal economic development and achievement could be started; be it two dollars or §1ECO in value for a start, but that may some day in the future become two thousand dollars or §1000ECO or more (as competitions heats up in The Peoples Independent Parliaments amongst commercially oriented constituency representatives).

UNIOM 20:(§)ECO or Electronic Cash Operations is the shorten form of ELECTRONIC CASH OPERATING ZONES or simply E-C-OPZON to be explained later on. Members of Parliaments survival in office, wholly depends on their individually assessed productivity; which is on monthly basis gauged by constituents themselves; (be them literate or illiterate, thanks to the fact that every able body can count the amount of tokens one's right hand possess) in fact, it is this transparency and assess ability of individual productivity of members of the People Independent Parliament, that determines which Representative of the People is eligible in which particular House of the People's Independent Parliament; whereby the best Socio-economically Performing Representative Members of The People Independent Parliament will occupy The Upper House, while the second best group of Representatives occupies The Middle House whereas the third best industrious group of constituency representatives will occupy The Lower House of the Peoples Independent House of Parliament.

UNIOM 30 : This UNIONSEED monthly economic development checking & balancing mechanism implanted within the population, has been specifically designed by The UNIONSEED SPOTDOTORG as a means of helping constituents possess a precise decision making and productivity measuring tool, especially that will help in determining individual directions of voting for or against individual members of the People Independent Houses of the various Parliaments, especially for detecting the least productive particularly the empty talkative . Under the circumstance, constituents monthly decision making will totally be uninfluenced by potential inaccuracies of national GDP augmentation declarations in Finance Ministries yearly economic deliberations usually flawed by possible misleading statistics).

UNIOM 40: The UNIONSEED is a labour oriented socio-economic development organization, with policies universally endorsed by The S.P.O.T Union of Multinational Corporations. This strategically organized economic and socio-political doctrine, entails commercial activities tailored to match Socialist, Islamist, Zionist, Christians, Hindus & Baddish, Republicans and Nationalist ideologies. The initiatives are fully funded by The S.P.O.T Union of Multinational Corporations and aimed at Generating a Concrete Co-operation within Zones of all nations world wide, in exchange for a UNIONSEED socio-political and economic empowerment.


MARKET BASE ECONOMY UNUS/CD N°7A: The Union of Multinational Corporations that provides all funding for The UNIONSEED is call S.P.O.T, which boasts of more than 800 non religious affliated members, most of whom have their head offices in The United States and others based in Germany, UK, France and Japan but maintain thousands of agents around the world. The S.P.O.T group of 800 Multinational Corporations, encourages political establishments that embraced market-based economic policies. The corporations do not themselves operate as political organizations but represent a cluster of International Trade Organizations and Financial Institutions, that will never provide funds for stubborn defying dictatorial governments.


IMF & (IBIRD): (B). Multinational Corporations cannot be by-passed by governments both big and small, since they indirectly provide the main financial lifeline for The World Bank, IMF and most International Financial Institutions.

UNIONSEED POLICIES: (C).The well submerged S.P.O.T Union of Multinational Corporations, are by far many folds economically superior in comparison to visible institutions such as The World Bank and The IMF; The S.P.O.T vow to lend a helping hand with immediate effect, to all nations that emulate symbiotic policies of the kind advocated in this UNIONSEED publication.

CONDITIONALITY UN/US/CD N°8: (D). As a result of adopting this list of development oriented democratic recipes, hence creating the preconditioned conducive political atmosphere; the S.P.O.T groups of Multinational Corporations will instantaneously release funding, for the realization of all of one's political parties development objectives in turn.


FIRST PARTY: The UNIONSEED 100% represented government set-up advocates that a majority political party assume the following responsibilities: (1). Presidency (2).for a period of Nine Years term, together with (3).the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure; this includes (4). the Supervisory role for the building of Roads, Railways, Bridges, New Cities, Factories, Power Stations and all projects that cannot be completed within a period of three years. (5). The Department of State for Defence (6). Imports and exports of military hardware (7). Border security and soldiers. (8). The nominations of Permanent Secretaries of states to all governing ministries. (9). The President cannot as well employ or dismiss employees.


SECOND PARTY: Whereby the second political party assumes the responsibilities of : (1). Prime Minister (2).for a period of Three years term, together with (3). the Ministry of Finance and (4). the Ministry of Science and Technology (5). Ministry of Fisheries and Water Resources (6). Ministry of Agriculture (7). Ministry of External Affairs (8). Ministry of Lands and Mines (9). Ministry of Local Government and Employment (10). Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (11). Ministry of Airspace (12). Ministry of Industry and Trade (13). Ministry of Education (14). Ministry of Religions and Cultural Affairs.


THIRD POLITICAL PARTY: While the third political party assumes the responsibilities of :(1). The Ministry of Communications and Information – together with the Ministry of (2). Transports; this includes the (3). Radio Stations (4). TV Stations and

(5). The Press, for a period of (6). Three years term


FOURTH PARTY: The fourth political parties responsibilities will be to assume the posts of : (1). Ministry of Justice together with (2). the Ministry of Interior (3). Police (4). Paramilitary Police (5). Secret Service Police and the (6). Supervision of revenue collectors, Judges and Magistrates for a period of (7). Three years term.


Fifth (to ten or more) political parties responsibilities will be to oversee (1).The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. (2). Nine years term (3). Will be in charge of The Public Dole Investment Society (4). The Unemployment Dole Development Program (5). The People’s Parliament Dole Development Fund, (6). The National Dole Administrative Management Board, (7). The National Revenue Pre-investment program, In a nutshell, this group of minority parties will be the main economic powerhouse of the UNIONSEED governing system.



Here is the list of some benefits that your individual political parties will enjoy, by affiliating political and economic institutions to The UNIONSEED. The S.P.O.T Multinational Corporations will pay all unemployed party members (all year round) monthly allowances; in exchange, the alliance will keep all individual voters’ cards until their rightful owners are provided with permanent jobs, after which constituents will individually receive their voters’ cards back.


FREE MEDICATION UN/US/CD N°11: The S.P.O.T Multinational Corporation will for a start pay one tenth of all medical bills for all unemployed party members, all year round through the MOBHICHEL Health Insurance Pregramme. see http://www.unionseeddotorg.blogspot.com/ and gradually increase the percentage of medical insurance coverage for all citizens along the way in accordance with economic development.

PARTY FINANCING UN/US/CD N°12:The S.P.O.T will fully fund all propaganda and political campaigns as well as footing all office installation costs such as Rent, Vehicles etc for all parties, during and after elections, such funding and campaign will continue until a UNIONSEED oriented system is put in place.


FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION UN/US/CD N°13:The UNIONSEED Oriented party members will enjoy 24 hours free FM Satellite Broadcasting facilities all year round; such Radio Stations will be based in a foreign land, but maintain 24 hours free telephone link with all political parties that have something to air, such funding and campaign will continue until a UNIONSEED oriented system is put in place.


EQUAL RIGHTS UN/US/CD N°14: The S.P.O.T Multinational Corporations will provide all parties 24 hours national and international airtime, on both Radio and TV broadcastings, via a satellite camera link.

190 DAYS DEADLINE UN/US/CD N°15: The S.P.O.T Multinational Corporations will provide all parties, all the above listed facilities within 190 days, following such a political institution's signing in an application for a UNIONSEED membership status and become a member.

ROTATING GOVERNMENT:The UNIONSEED will guarantee all parties (together with all their individual constituency representatives) a seat in parliament and monthly allowance. Each party will either enjoy at least a ministerial seat(s) or the possibility of instating an individual candidate of one’s favourite, to the position of President, or Prime Minister.


TRANSPARENCY UN/US/CD N°16: Following a ten-year observatory studies and participation in active political leadership in this beloved nation of ours, our institution, a member of The UNIONSEED , has been privileged in being able to come to terms with the realities of modern societal requirements, among which Transparency and Accountability was identified as being the only resort to the kind of everlasting Peace, Stability and Justice oriented system of rule being dreamt about.


GENERAL CONSENSUS UN/US/CD N°17: (A). As a result of these jointly executed observations, we have now reached a general consensus following a thorough consultation among the hierarchy of good governance, within the party agents of The U.N.I.ON.S.E.E.D organization of this society and beyond.


(B). The consultations lead to the universal acknowledgement of the fact that advocating a government set-up designed to serve the interest of all, was and still remains the irreversible objective of all peace loving nations and (political) parties alike.


GOVERNMENT OF UNITY UN/US/CD N°18: We agreed among us that whereby a member party of The U.N.I.ON.S.E.E.D organization emerged first following general elections that produce results as shown below, the party agents will then form a Government of National Unity, different from the kind of unaccountable set-up we observed most administrations favoured; especially if the call we heard some made towards the realization of a one party state, is a well founded and objectivity motivated call.


MULTI PARTY STATES UN/US/CD N°19: (A). Since a one party state recipe is what some politicians have at hand and most have at heart, it therefore became contradictory in their failure to adopt a system of government set-up that would rather bring parties together The UNIONSEED method, than creating divisions.

UNSUPERVISED GOVERNMENT ?(B). We were shocked by the simple fact, that a one party state minded administration would find it very transparent and accountably responsible, in forming an unsupervised government structure; especially in a situation where more than 50% of electorates may have to wait on the sideline opposing a doctrine, while a so called elected administration runs a nation possibly to political chaos; during the entire period of one’s constituted term in office.


SUPERVISED GOVERNMENT UN/US/CD N°20: In order to promote a truly transparent and accountability oriented fair system of rule which we ethically decline to include or acknowledge,any known systems of rule described as being a GOVERNMENTS OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE & BY THE PEOPLE, but that evidently demonstrated being a systems of government, OF SOME OF THE PEOPLE, FOR SOME OF THE PEOPLE & BY SOME OF THE PEOPLE; IN OPPOSED TO THE UNIONSEED DOCTRINE OF BEING A SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT OF ALL THE PARTIES & THE PEOPLE, FOR ALL THE PARTIES & THE PEOPLE & BY ALL THE PARTIES & THE PEOPLE; The reason for which The UNIONSEED concluded, following an exhaustive ten-year durable studies and consultations, that this permanent and fool proof system of policing all political parties and government activities, be advocated for universal adoption; the reason for which The UNIONSEED found it necessary to render all governing administrations lessons on good governance, by prescribing the kind of conducive atmosphere universally preconditioned by the joint muscles of The IMF, World Bank and Multinational Corporations around the world, in exchange for funds being poured in as investment capital for development.


JOINT RESPONSIBILITIES UN/US/CD N°21: On the basis of the general elections results featured below, The UNIONSEED Organization universally proposed to all nations a 100% transparent and accountability oriented model of good governance, designed to be permanently policed by all participating UNIONSEED oriented parties and therefore relief a ruling party from being unilaterally held responsible in the event of emerged crises.


HUNDRED PERCENT REPRESENTATION UN/US/CD N°22: First party winner of 50% of all votes; second party winner of 20% of all votes;Third party winner of 10% of all votes; Fourth party winner of 8% of all votes; Fifth party winner of 6%of all votes; Sixth party winner of 4% of all votes;Seventh party winner of 0.9% of all votes; Eighth party winner of 0.5% of all votes; Ninth party winner of 0.4% of all votes and Tenth party winner of 0.2% of all votes etc.


LIMITATIONS IN STATESMANSHIP MANDATE UN/US/CD N°23: To roll a nation towards Peace and Justice, Accountability and Transparency oriented system of rule, the winning political party that emerged ahead of the lot, following the above featured general election results, must constitute the following conditions, legislated by The UNIONSEED Organization; whereby the government formed by the winning party, be permanently supervised by a participatory team of on-lookers from other minority parties.


LIMITATIONS IN STATESMANSHIP MANDATE INFORMATION UN/US/CD N°24 A government should not adopt policies that will permit a President the control (of any kind whatsoever) over the day-to-day running of the affairs of: (A). The Department of State for Information, Communications and Transportation; this includes the Radio, the Press and Television.

JUSTICE : (B).The Department of State for Justice and Interior; this department will form a board of trustees for the supervision of overall revenue collections.

SOCIAL WELFARE : (C). The Department of State for Health and Social Welfare.


LIMITATIONS IN STATESMANSHIP MANDATE UN/US/CD N°25: Following a consensus by The UNIONSEED Organization, it was constituted that a maximum term of nine years in power will be far more than enough in permitting the President of a nation exhaust most (if not all of one’s) development objectives.


LIMITATIONS IN STATESMANSHIP MANDATE UN/US/CD N°26: A thorough consultation among democratically minded political parties of this part of the world, led to the constitution of a legislation that makes it mandatory for a winning party to play the supervisory role of an overseer and run the office of:

PRESIDENCY: (A). President and Head of State of a nation, whereby such an office be held for (B). a duration of nine years running during times of peace and during a period when the state is not at war with foreign forces or another state(s).

WORKS AND INFRASTRUCTURE: (C). Be responsible for The Department of State for Constructions, Works and (D). Infrastructural Development; this includes the long term supervisory role (E). of Roads, Railways and Bridges being built, the creation of new Cities and (F). Factory Complexes, Power Stations etc. All durable projects that cannot be (G). completed within a period of three years must be under the full (H). supervision of The President

DEFENCE: (B). The Department of State for Defence: this includes being in full charge of

(C). The Army, the imports and exports of military equipment, likewise the

(D). supervision of national frontier security matters.

PERMANENT SECRETARIES: (B). The nomination of individuals for Permanent Secretarial posts to all (C). Departments of State; whereby such nominees be put forward to (D).The People’s Independent Parliament for ratification.

NO HIRE AND NO FIRE: (B). A President (of a Unionseed oriented government) cannot under any Circumstances (C). employ or dismiss any employee without approval from

(D). The People’s Independent Parliament.


LIMITATIONS IN STATESMANSHIP MANDATE UN/US/CD N°27: It was legislated by The UNIONSEED Organization , that a Head of State or President of a nation should not (by any means) engage in any state running activity than those listed under Paragraph 37/UN/US/CD/26


SECOND POLITICAL PARTY UN/US/CD N°28 THE UNIONSEED CONSTITUTIONAL DECREE N°26: The legislative body of The UNIONSEED enforced the universally approved legislation that following a general election results of the kind described here and above, the second most powerful party must be the actual Administrator-In-Chief for the post of Prime Minister.

PRIME MINISTER MERITOCRACY: (A). The Prime Minister will form a government made up of competent members(of the society) whose qualifications may need to be challenged by The People’s Independent Parliament.

CABINET (B). The Prime Minister will form a cabinet, made up of members from any party of his or her choice.

SECRETARY GENERAL: (C). The Prime Minister’s cabinet will be made up of a Secretary General (directly brought in by parliament) to be in charge of all administrative operations.

RESPONSIBILITES: (D). The Secretary General will be in charge of both President and Prime Minister’sadministrative matters.

THREE YEARS TERM: (E). The Prime Minister will form a government comprising of competent meritocratic authorities that will run a nation for a term of three years.

MINISTRY OF FINANCE: (B).The list of competent individuals selected by the Prime Minister and approved by The People’s Independent Parliament (to run the nation for a term of three years) will include The Secretary of State for Finance, who will as well; be in charge of The Central Bank as well as all the following lists of government ministries and the unlisted ministries of the unforeseeable future;


(G). The Secretary of State for Science and Technology


(H). The Secretary of State for Fisheries and Water Resources


(I).The Secretary of State for Agriculture


(J). The Secretary of State for External Affairs

LAND ACT (K). The Secretary of State for Lands, who will as well enforce the legislation (i) that un-leased lands cannot be developed likewise, cannot change ownership; (ii) that occupants of all premises must every year (unless over aged) provide fingerprints to the nearest Police or Rent Tribunal Department.


(L).The Secretary of State for Local Government and Employment


(M).The Secretary of State for Energy.


(N). The Secretary of State for Mining and Natural Resources


(O). The Secretary of State for Civil Aviation and Air Space.


(P). The Secretary of State for Industry and Trade


(Q). The Secretary of State for Education

RELIGION: (R). The Secretary of State for Religion and Cultural Heritages and other department of states to be added on the list in the unforeseeable future .


TRANSPORTATIONS: LIMITATIONS IN STATESMANSHIP MANDATE UN/US/CD N°29 It is constituted by the legislative council of The UNIONSEED endorsed governing alliance that a well well-structured Transportation and Communication network, since being part and parcel of or perhaps the most important incentives of good governance, be entrusted to a totally independent body, that is not and would not by any means be influenced by the President or Prime Minister; the reasons for which it is legislated that the supervision of

COMMUNICATIONS : (A). The Department of State for Communications and Information be entrusted to The Third Strongest Party to emerge; otherwise the so-called Party No.3 as described in the above featured general elections results;
THIRD POLITICAL PARTY: (B). likewise; the Department of State for Transport;(C) THE PRESS FREEDOM: (D). That the responsibilities of the Department of State for Communications and Information must include being fully in control of the entire media instruments such as the press,

RADIO AND TELEVISION:(D). The Radio and (E). The Television. It is the duty of Party No.3 under whose care the Transport and Communications Department is entrusted, to see to it that the public is being heard by the government, likewise the government be heard by the people; similarly, every branch of society be made to enjoy a fair share of information.

GOVERNMENT COMMUNICATION BILL: (E).The Department should without impartiality be certain, that all communication bills are paid on time by (1) The Press (2) The Radio and (3) All government authorities and institutions. It is as well the duty of this department to reinforce the legislation that government communication facilities are not misused during working hours nor be in use out of working hours. This includes all government’s means of transport and communication equipment in general including office,home and field facilities.

GOVERNMENT SPOKES PERSON: (F). The Legislative Council of the UNIONSEED constituted that all Spokespersons to all Government Departments are sent in directly, by The Secretary of State for Communications and Information.
The Third most influential Political Party (the so-called Party No.3) will be in charge of all the above mentioned responsibilities for a period of three years running during times of peace, after which it will change offices and responsibilities over to the party charged with the responsibilities of the office of Prime Minister.


LIMITATIONS IN STATESMANSHIP MANDATE UN/US/CD N°30:The UNIONSEED Alliance enforces a legislation that empowers the Department of State for Justice and Interior to exercise a supervisory role over the Tax and Revenue Collection Board of a nation.


INTERIOR MINISTRY: LIMITATIONS IN STATESMANSHIP MANDATE UN/US/CD N°31: The Legislative Council of The UNIONSEED Alliance constituted that the Department of State for Justice and the Department of States for Interior, be an independent law enforcement bodies, that would not under any circumstances exercise impartiality or be affiliated to (1) The President (2) The prime Minister (3) The Secretary of State for Communications, Information and Transportation; the reason for which it was unilaterally agreed upon by the legislative council of The UNIONSEED Alliance, that the responsibility of running the Department of State for Justice and Interior, be entrusted to the care of any party that emerged fourth in position, following a General Election results of the kind described above.


JUDICIARY COUNCIL: LIMITATIONS IN STATESMANSHIP MANDATE UN/US/CD N°32: It is legislated by a body of The UNIONSEED Law Makers, that the Secretary of State for Justice and Interior will have his office run by a council of (six) competent judiciary experts (sent in by Parliament) but chosen from the National Bar Association; the council (of six) will be responsible for the entire Justice system, assisted by a Spokesperson of high Judiciary outstanding sent in from within or otherwise any other country, chosen by the Information and Communications Department and approved by The People’s Independent Parliament.

LIMITATIONS IN STATESMANSHIP MANDATE JUSTICE FOR ALL UN/US/CD N°33: The UNIONSEED Council of Legislators constituted, that the Secretary of State for Justice and Interior does not necessarily have to be a person of high judicial standing nor necessary to have been engaged in any profession of judiciary nature, to be a qualified candidate for the office.


LIMITATIONS IN STATESMANSHIP MANDATE PARTIES SUPERVISIONS UN/US/CD N°34: The Legislature of The UNIONSEED Alliance constituted, that the President and Leader of Party No.1 (one) remains in power for a period of nine years running(in times of peace as described above); only to play a supervisory role, by overseeing the Transitional Processions of Parties No.2, No.3, and No.4 respectively, as they change offices (by handing over responsibilities) from one to another, every three years; as described in UN/US/CD No.35


LIMITATIONS IN STATESMANSHIP MANDATE PRIME MINISTER GOVERN UN/US/CD N°35: (A). The Legislators of The Transitional Procession of The UNIONSEED Alliance, empowered by the universal voice of the United Nationalist Union of Suffrages, ruled that The President of the nation (from Party No.1) must hold the office of Presidency, for a period of nine years, whereby the Prime Minister or Vice President (from Party No.2) forms a government and rules the people for a period of three years. (B). The Prime Minister or Vice President will (after 3 years) step down together with his/her entire government and give way to Party No.3 to form a government and assume the post of Prime Minister or Vice President. Simultaneously, the 2nd party being the overseer of the Department of State for Information, Communications and Transportation (the Party No.3) will transfer her responsibilities to (Party No.4) the then overseer of both Justice and Interior Department.

CHANGING OVER: (C). The then Prime Minister of Party No.2 (who relinquished his/her responsibilities to party (No.3) will assume the offices of the then Party No.4 and become the new overseer of the Department of State for Justice and Interior.




(A). The changing of offices from one party to another will be repeated once every three years, for three consecutive terms hence bringing the entire rotation term to a period of nine years, under the leadership of a single president, after which another general election is held.

$20 or §10ECO PER VOTERS CARD: (B). The Multinational group of Corporations that backed the universal objectives of the UNIONSEED Alliance, S.P.O.T, proposed funding of a minimum of $20 or §10ECO per suffrage, in exchange for individual voter’s card to be deposited as collateral by each constituent .

$20 or §10ECO$ FOR A START: (C). The UNIONSEED backed Multinational Corporations namely S.P.O.T will provide these funding; Twenty dollars or §10ECO per constituent for a start, (in the form of loans) for the sole purpose of creating interest generating investments; all such voters loans guaranteed by individual voters cards used as collateral will be entrusted to individual Loan Investment Supervisory Members of Parliament, via The Public Dole Investment Society; there will be absolute assurance, that all such loans will be paid back on time and with interest.

PUBLIC DOLE INVESTMENT SOCIETY: (D). To accommodate the said funding provided for by the group of multinational corporations call S.P.O.T, The UNIONSEED of each nation will begin their own operations, by creating offices to oversee the socio economic development of the people; the reason for which the public dole investment society is created.


LOAN INVESTMENT SUPERVISORY MPs: THE REMAINING POLITICAL PARTIES UN/US/CD N°37: (A). The legislative council of The UNIONSEED Alliance unilaterally agreed that the remaining political Parties No.5, No.6, No.7, No.8, No.9, No.10 (or be there a hundred or thousand minority political parties) will be permanently entrusted with the responsibilities of running the the different branches of the Un-employment Dole Development Programme along the Department of State for Health and Social Welfare, for the entire period of nine years. People(s) and parties desire in wanting to flood the houses of The People's Independent Parliaments with nonsensical candidature; will be curbed by the fluctuation of the Mandatory 201 Voters Card Collateral Requirement, preconditioned on all potential Gerrymanderers and un-serious candidates of The People Independent Parliament see paragraph 47 D titled investments; This system can not in any given way be misused or sabotage in any distinct manner. )

PUBLIC DOLE: (B) The People’s Dole Investment Society is a (bank like) money lending institution, introduced by The UNIONSEED Alliance; it has its own internationally accepted medium of exchange call The Universal Numeric Investment Outlet Meta-fiche, A GSM Electronic Cash Operating Zonal Bond; namely GECCOZ BOND or E-C-OPZON BOND shortened ECO and represented by this adapted section sign (§) that resembles and therefore renamed double dollar sign is pegged twice the value of a dollar ; an un-inflatable electronic medium of exchange superior in all required monetary security criteria than all know international currencies, an invention of , for and by The UNIONSEED, specifically for the Unemployment Dole Development Programme.The UNIONSEED Uniom (§) ECO is termed uninflatable or Inflation-proof because of the simple fact that it can only depreciate in value at a time when all the worlds currencies simultaneously lose value together during the same date and time, a phenomena that has never happen during the entire history of monetary transactions; for more information about this medium of exchange visit http://www.unionseeddotorg.blogspot.com/

UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFIT: (C). The Unemployment Dole Development Program, is initiated by The UNIONSEED Multinational Corporations; a project oriented towards the development of the UNIONSEED parties, as a measure to encourage development, while enhancing parliamentary democratic practices.

INVESTMENTS: (D). The People’s Dole Investment Society entrusts funds not to business people, but only to constituency representatives of The People’s Independent Parliament, whereby members of The People’s Independent Parliament may require no other form of collateral than a minimum of 201 voters cards of living constituents. This 201 minimum voters cards collateral requirement may change due to population fluctuation in individual countries or constituencies.

PARLIAMENT’S FUND: (E). The People’s Parliament Dole Development Fund is the amount of capital provided for by The UNIONSEED S.P.O.T. Multinational Corporations that meanwhile attached a monetary value of between $1 or §0.5(CE) to $20 or §10ECO per civilian voter’s card, likewise a $100 or §50ECO to every Military or Security personnel identity

INVESTMENT SECURITY: (F). For investment security purposes, UNIONSEED channels all funds to the Public Dole Investment Society, an international institution that promised very close ties to the IMF and the World Bank and supervised mostly by expatriates sent in by Multinational Corporations in association to the IMF & World Bank.


LOAN INVESTMENT SUPERVISORY MPs UN/U/SCD N°38: (A). The UNIONSEED S.P.O.T. Multinational Corporations, preconditioned The Public Dole Investment Society to open accounts (under the strict supervision of the National Dole Administrative Management Board) for each member of The People’s Independent Parliament on condition that MPs produce a minimum of 201 voter's cards of living constituents accompanied by a comprehensive employment oriented project document, in which a mechanism is clearly stated through which the member of The Independent Parliament can invest secured People’s Parliament Dole Development Funds, out of which she or he can carve a monthly allowance for oneself, together with a minimum monthly dole of $2 or §1ECO for each individual constituent; to be collected by suffrages from The Unemployment Dole Disbursement Program.The amount of funding a member of the People Independent Parliament is entitle to is dictated by the number of votes caste on ones behalf by the People.


THE LOWER HOUSE OF THE PEOPLE’S INDEPENDENT PARLIAMENT CONTAINS MPs POSSESSING ONE TO FIVE PERCENT OF ALL VOTES: (B). The People’s Independent Parliament is made up of three Houses of which are those who secured between one to five percent of votes cast within their contested constituencies; MPs of this group are not entitled to any kind of government salary or allowance.

THE MIDDLE HOUSE OF THE: PEOPLE’S INDEPENDENT PARLIAMENT CONTAINS MPs POSSESSING SIX TO TEN PERCENT OF ALL VOTES: (C). Those members of The People’s Independent Parliament who secured between six to ten percent of all votes within a constituency, will make up The Middle House of Parliament. Members of this house are also not entitled to any kind of government salary or allowance.

THE UPPER HOUSE OF THE PEOPLE’S INDEPENDENT PARLIAMENT CONTAINS MPs POSSESSING OVER TEN PERCENT OF ALL VOTES: (D). Those who secured between ten percent and above within a constituency will make up The Upper House of The People’s Independent Parliament. This section of the house will be entitled to government allowances; they will also be responsible for voting in or out all government proposals.

DEBATES: (E). In the event of a deadlock on debated issues, voting is continued by the Middle House of The People’s Independent Parliament; whereby further deadlocks occurred, the Lower House would intervene, failure of which may lead to the cancellation of such a project until further parliamentary notice within a space of three months.During particular instances, suffrages can be consulted to vote for or against parliamentary deadlocks; such voting will involved zero cost since constituents will tick a yes or no vote during the course of signing in to collect the promised monthly dole money.

MPs AND ALLOWANCES: (G). THE UNIONSEED Alliance unilaterally agreed that members of The Lower and Middle Houses will not enjoy direct government allowances, since they would be receiving self scaled monthly commissions, generated from profits of their reinvested People’s Parliament Dole Development Funds.

MPs IN BUSINESSES: (H). The National Dole Administrative Management Board.

As investment security precautionary measures, The Public Dole Investment Society preconditioned that, members of The Peoples Independent Parliament should never directly posses their individual People’s Parliament Dole Development Funds (cash in hand) but instead, all such funds are channelled to MPs through The National Dole Administrative Management Board.

TNC SUPERVISION: (I). The National Dole Administrative Management Board is the supervisory body brought in by the S.P.O.T. Multinational Corporations, to assist in the management of the day-to-day running of all projects, initiated by MPs on behalf of their constituents.
THE UNITED MULTINATIONAL MARKETING MANAGERS ASSOCIATION: (i) is made up of representatives of S.P.O.T Multinational Corporations and a strong team of professional business managers, whose sole purpose is to guide MPs into areas worthy of investments. They will advise MPs not to invest in areas disapproved by the IMF and the World Bank i.e. not to invest in areas that will hinder TNC investment objectives.(ii) The National Revenue Pre-investment Program of The UNIONSEED Alliance. The program encourages the pre-auctioning of all customs dutiable goods and services on future imports and exports of goods and commodities, to Banks, Business People and Multinational Corporations, in order to generate additional instant invest-able capital.


LOAN INVESTMENT SUPERVISORY MPs: “ENCOMIENDARING” UN/US/CD N°39 (A). The general view of most members of The UNIONSEED Alliance is what could more or less be described as a market based capitalist economy, which has historically proven to be not very good but the best among the bad economic answers and in fact the only answer to universal national development objectives; the reason for which it is constituted by the legislative body of The UNIONSEED Alliance, that The Vice-President or The Prime Minister’s government must agree to the pre-auctioning of all customs duties on future imports and exports (on the following customs and excise dutiable commodity groupings) to the private sector:

GR001:General electronic equipment and all listed under this category,

GR002: Clothing and footwear, garments and fabrics and all listed under this category,

GR003: Detergents, chemicals, and all listed under this category,

GR004: Packaging, Boxes, Suitcases, Handbags and all listed under this category,

GR005: Canned foods, candles, beverages, and all listed under this category,

GR006: Grains and cereals, oil, rice, sugar and flour and all listed under this category,

GR007: Cars, boats, lorries, and all listed under this category,

GR008: Building materials and all listed under this category,

GR009: Industrial equipment, materials, and all listed under this category,

GR0010: Domestic and office equipment and all listed under this category,

GR0011: Jewel minerals, cosmetics, and all listed under thiscategory etc.

(B). In a book written by FURTADO titled “Economic Development of Latin America” (PAGE (29) and in another by BIRNBERG and RESNICK titled “Colonial Development”(PAGE 5).

HISTORY OF ENCOMIENDA: We learnt in the above mentioned publications that A KIND of government sales of Taxes and Duty Collection Rights was and still (in many disguised forms) practised by governments, especially the Spanish Crown Government that survived by this kind of trade for over a period of 300 years.

HISTORY OF PRIVATIZED TAX COLLECTION RIGHTS: (D). In 1503, The Spanish Crowned Government entered into an agreement with individual Spanish Conquistadors, a group that we can today if we like classify as being pockets of commercially derivated regiments of slave capturing and free labourer conscripting armies of the epoch, that we can today rightfully and confident compare to our present day Transnational Corporations.

HISTORY OF BUSINESS CONTRACTS : (E). The agreement then stated, that each Spanish conquistador must pay the crowned government royalties in (the form of an agreed amount of goods such as)Gold or any bater able value such as Diamonds or Silver, ; in exchange, the absent crowned Spanish Head of Government (resident in Spain, Europe) will entrust the right to collect and own Taxes and Duties (from inhabitants living within a defined boundary in the colonies) to the various individual Spanish (Transnational Corporations, at the time called the) Conquistadors. Having fulfilled the preconditions of the agreement, the Spanish corporations based in the Americas, but dealing with their cross continent agents in Spain, will exploit the entire resources within the agreed boundary of a particular province.



(F). Although the crowned government was very well aware of the fact, it never formally empowered nor discouraged the conquistador’s enslavement of the indigenous Indian population; hence authorizing the conquistadors into illegally exploiting everything within their jurisdiction, be it animals, Human beings, Plants for Wood, the Land for farming and mining or anything, you name it. Normally, the conquistadors will portion the indigenous population within their jurisdiction into two units; the so-called “Excavating Unit” and the “Fuel Reserve Unit” made up of those sent to the farms and plantations to grow food for the “Excavating Unit” working in the gold mines; with some of the excavated gold (which are sometimes bartered out for diamonds) the conquistadors, will again try to convince the Spanish crowned government to renew their TAX and DUTY collection rights in exchange for readily available gold and diamonds.
(G). One thing that worth not to be forgotten is that, the labour the Indians rendered the Spanish (Transnational Corporation at the time) was not seen by the conquistadors as enslavement, but as another means of paying owed Taxes and Duties to the then Spanish government; and since the Indians must under any circumstances pay taxes (as everybody does today) for living on government land, (especially when such a government must have already sold such Taxes and Duty Collection Rights to whosoever) hence the inhabitants be bound to pay all such future taxes to the new merciless authority representing the government or crown in question, either in the form of Cash, Gold or Labour. This was in fact a common practice around the world in all the colonies as JOHNSTON and KILBY explains in the book titled


page 242.

RIGHT TO OWN TAXES: (H). Assuming that ALIMENTA’s deposits 10,000,000 Marks for the sole purpose of buying the right to own taxes and duty (collected on all goods and commodities listed under GR006) for an unspecified duration, The UNIONSEED oriented government would (in this case) have entered into a kind of arrangement with the Transnational Corporation, that is more or less similar to the kind of agreement (we just learned) the crowned Queen (of Spain in Europe) struck with her Conquistador supervised colonies, in the Spanish American sub-continent.
THE QUEEN AND THE TNC: (I). Whereby (The Crowned Queen of Spain is here represented by) The UNIONSEED oriented government, who will permit The Conquistador (in this case represented by ALIMENTA Transnational) to provide funding of the said $10,000,000 or 10,000,000ECO worth of Cash, Gold or Diamonds ( means by which The Crowned Queen of Spain here represented by) The UNIONSEED oriented government, will run her economy, for a specified period of time. (J). As a result, The UNIONSEED oriented government (representing The Crowned Queen of Spain) will in turn permit the Transnational Corporation, ALIMENTA (representing The Conquistadors) to import or produce specified products within the agreed jurisdiction, for a specified period of time, either without paying taxes or customs and excise duties (to the tune of ten million dollars) or that five million ECO of customs and excise duties and taxes collected (by The UNIONSEED oriented government on GR006 products imported , exported or produced) during an unspecified period of time (from other importing or exporting agents) be paid in by installment , directly to ALIMENTA, the Transnational Corporation that partially contributed in pre-financing the UNIONSEED oriented government to run her economy.


USA TARIFF COMMISSION INTRODUCES THE TRANSNATIONAL CORPORATIONS : (K). The US Tariff Commission explains in a book written by “LALL and STREETEN”titled “Foreign Investment” Page 15 that: “We are now heading towards a world of rapidly increasing international production, dominated by a few hundred private enterprises from the developed countries, with Investments, Trade and Technology all coming under their aegis. It is beyond dispute that the spread of Multinational Businesses ranks with the development of the Steam Engine, Electric Power and the Automobile, as one of the major events of modern economic history.” For familiarization purposes, the book gave few names of Multinational Corporations,in the energy field (that you may have already known).They are GEC, NEC, RWE, ELF, BP, EXON, FINA, MOBIL, TOTAL etc.
MONOPOLY FREE: (L). ALIMENTA’s main advantage for buying such rights would (since it cannot monopolize the market) enable her to capitalize on being the most favoured wholesaler on GR006 commodities.
(i) Under such circumstances, ALIMENTA can afford to sell all her GR006 commodities at cost price and remain reliant on her readily secured interest of 14.285714% on her investments; it can, with this secured 14.285714% interest, make further sacrifice (in commodity prices) in case there exists a potential competitor.

MARKET DOMINATION: (ii) By making products available below international market prices (at the expense of the huge surplus of profits generated from the concern UNIONSEED oriented market) the Transnational Corporation will discourage, if not force potential competitors, to turn either to her, as a supplier or to go in for the retail market.

PRICE STABILIZATION: (iii). This artificially staged battle field for greedy commercial warriors, will play in the hands of the consumer being governed by a UNIONSEED oriented system of rule in which the consumer will remain permanently assured of stability in extremely low commodity prices, as Transnational corporations rush in low price (but strictly controlled and selected high quality) goods with which to dominate a market.



PERMANENT STABILITY: In conventional style democratic set ups, due to massive corruption and unsupervised bureaucracy, Transnational Corporations can fight back weak governments by destabilizing them economically or even militarily; but with this loophole free UNIONSEED fair play formation, there exists no chance for destabilization from any angle.

(M).THIS IS NO SELL OUT TO THE WEST OR THE TRANSNATIONAL CORPORATIONS, BUT A KIND OF ECONOMIC DEFENCE: Whereby western TNCs planned a boycott of this system, the door will be opened wider for both Eastern and the rapidly growing Asian Corporations; in fact any such action may switch an entire continent towards China.

CONQUISTADORS AND TNCs: Assuming that (A1) the conquistadors are our modern (A2) Multinational Corporations, whereby (B2) the government of the crowned Queen of Spain is our (B3) UNIONSEED oriented government, and that (C1) the indigenous American Indian tribal chief and her subjects, are (C2) our present day Members of Parliament and Constituents.IN THE QUEEN’S INSTANCE, the conquistadors pay the crowned Queen an estimated lump sum of tax and later use armies of conquistadors to collect such taxes (by forced labour) from the tribal Indian chief and her subjects, without pay.

MASSIVE EMPLOYMENT: (N). In THE UNIONSEED system, the Transnational Corporations, pay the government an estimated lump sum on customs and excise duty and taxes now, and later supervise such a government put her subjects (into paid labour) through the supervision of their various constituency representatives or Members of Parliament, so that the suffrages will enjoy employment, out of which they will earn salaries or monthly dole money, from which they will pay taxes and prioritize the buying of consumer goods produced by the Multinational Corporations, that provided the funds.

INVESTMENT GENERATING: (O). This privatization oriented, socio economic development policy, does not just help sink prices of goods and commodities produced by Multinational Corporations and firms rushing to import and sell as much goods as possible in the shortest possible time (before the expiration of their individual contracts) but the instant funds it generates helps in the instantaneous national development of social service systems to western standards; while keeping unemployment at minimum, stability under a conducive trade atmosphere is simultaneously proliferated along with foreign investment.





(P). (1). That The Multinational Corporation will deposit an agreed sum at The Public Dole Investment Society in order to gain The Most Favoured Trading Partner Status on a particular group of commodity.

14.285714% INTEREST

(2). That The Multinational Corporation will enjoy 14.285714% interest on her investment on yearly basis.


(3). That The UNIONSEED oriented regime will guarantee a weekly

(4). instalment refurnishing of the loan provided by The TNC following a grace period of 3 months.

TERMINATION OF CONTRACTS: (5). That the contract will elapse any time The TNC herself produce, import or export the concerned group of commodities to the tune of the agreed sum deposited. (6). That the contract will again elapse or expire any time other competing import and export agencies import commodities the same in value to the money deposited for the concerned group of commodities, at a time when The Most Favored Trading Partner Status (on such commodities) is already been bought by the current import export agent or transnational.

SCARCITY OF GOODS MAY LEAD TO REVOCATION OF CONTRACTS: (7). That the contract will again be terminated on grounds that the most favoured trading partner permitted the scarcity or the importation or introduction of a low quality brand of product of a particular commodity out of the concerned commodity-grouping bought; under such circumstances, The TNC’s investment, will itself, neither accrue interest nor be returned to the investor for a period of three years or until a time when such a trading right would have been re-auctioned out into the free international market and re-acquired by a potential investor.


(8). Accidents at sea and air during freight of such commodities (that may have resulted in the delay of arrival or scarcity of the said commodities) would not be an excuse but will greatly be considered.

(9).The debt refurnishing plan will be upheld until the entire loan deposited by the Multinational Corporations is paid in full; before the concerned group of commodity is again tendered out for auction, in an international market.
(Q). Having witnessed the implementation of a theory in practice (as in The ALIMENTA experience) similar operations will be executed on the remaining groupings of the Customs and Excise dutiable items; hence the accumulated capital(s), i.e. millions of dollars and ECOs per grouping of items, may fetch millions of millions of ECOs in total pre-auction duty as investment capital for the Public Dole Investment Society.


In this semi-privatization operation (of Customs and Excise Revenue Collection) no room is left for the possibility of failing to collect dues before the goods are released from the Customs and Excise premises; whereby uncollected goods will be scanned out for sabotage and liquidated by law at the end of the expiration of the officially acceptable demur-rage period for both perishable and non perishables.

(R). Following the end of each contract, prior to which all the money deposited by the concerned investor would have been repaid in full by The UNIONSEED oriented regime, the profits generated are then divided into seven shares of 14.285714 % .

(1).The first share of 14.285714 % of the profits on the initial capital invested will be termed as Corporation Tax, levied on all businesses; this goes to the concerned UNIONSEED oriented government coffers.
(2). The second share is called The UNIONSEED Project Development share; this14.285714 % of the profits of the total initial investment will again find its way into government coffers.
(3). The third share of 14.285714 % of the profits of the total initial investment is called the Labour Cost Share; this share is retained by The National Dole Administrative Management Board (introduced by the Multinational Corporations) for the payment of salaries and allowances to people employed under this particular undertaking.
(4). The fourth 14.285714 % of the profits on the total initial investment is saved for The Unemployment Dole Disbursement Program; this share goes directly to Members of the People's Independent Parliaments and their individual constituents on monthly basis, as The UNIONSEED S.P.O.T promised monthly allowance for constituents of all parties, both opposition and ruling.
(5). The fifth share of 14.285714% of the profits on the initial investment is paid directly to The Transnational Corporation that provided the funds for this particular undertaking, as interest on her investment.


DEBT REFURNISHING SHARE: (6). The sixth share of 14.285714% of the profits (generated from the total initial invested capital to be) set aside for the sole purpose of paying back the fund provider by instalment; this sum will be added up to any other amount that may have been gathered by the finance ministry from other sources, such as Customs and Excise Duties paid in by other potential competitors (on the same group of commodities) together with duties owed by the most favoured trading fund provider (herself) all to be cancelled out of the pre-deposited People’s Parliament Dole Development Fund provided by the concerned investor.

14.285716% I.R.S.B

(7). The seventh share is called The IRSB, namely The International Recession Stabilization Bill, a special provident fund account, deposited as a mandatory contribution from all UNIONSEED oriented regimes, into an international bank account, that only the IMF and the World Bank can access, whenever a kind of economic rescue operation is required (by a UNIONSEED member state or by any UNIONSEED affiliated Multinational Corporation or industry situated) elsewhere around the world.

(S). Assuming that one very willing Multinational Corporation on agricultural products (say ALIMENTA) felt more comfortable with this kind of economic base and transparency oriented UNIONSEED institution, and deposits a sum of $10million or §5million ECO (for instance) for the purchase of (non-monopoly) importation rights on GR006 category of commodities; therefore ALIMENTA will have to put forward the sum of $10 million or §5million ECO as The PPDF loan namely The People’s Parliament Dole Development Fund, to be directly deposited into the account of The Public Dole Investment Society via an International Commercial Bank, prior to a contract being sealed.

EMPLOYMENT PROLIFERATION: (T). The money will be used by The Public Dole Investment Society for (no other purpose than) a direct employment oriented short term profit generating undertaking, fully supervised by The National Dole Administrative Management Board ( an organization set up by The UNIONSEED Multinational Corporations in association to the World Bank and the IMF) to guard the common interest of all, while averting corruption and embezzlement .

THE SECURITY FORCES: The UNIONSEED found it constitutionally necessary to engage all security forces such as:(1). The Police (2). The Paramilitary (3). The Army (4). The Immigration Police and (5). The Fire Brigade, into a profit oriented, agro engineering project during times of peace. The proceeds of such investments of $100 or §50ECO per military personnel (in comparison to the $20 or §10ECO per civilian head) will be divided into seven different shares.


(1). The first share will be termed as Corporation Tax levied on all businesses. This goes to the government.


(5). The second share will be taxes charged on individual security personnel for their engagement in extra service business. This also gets in to government coffers.


(3). The third share will be used by the security personnel such as (1). The Police (2). The Army (3). The Paramilitary (4). The Immigration Police and (5). The Fire Brigade, as their monthly bonus, different from their individual monthly government salaries.


(4).The fourth share will be invested towards the objective of buying a readily built villa for each individual security officer, so that they will own homes following retirement.


(5). The fifth share is paid directly to The Transnational Corporation (that provided the funds for this undertaking) as interest due on her invested capital.


(6).The sixth share will be used as resettlement of the loan provided by the provider of the capital, for this undertaking.


(7). The seventh share is called The IRSB, namely The International Recession Stabilization Bill, a special provident fund account, deposited in an International Bank Account, accessible only to the IMF and the World Bank, as rescue fund, set aside for the sole purpose of bailing out shrinking industries including and particularly the arm manufacturing industries that would undoubtedly be of great concern in the event of these UNIONSEED developments and economic emergencies. All UNIONSEED NATIONS will have to create this mandatory funding to save industry where it is most needed.


UNITED STATES TARIFF COMMISSION: (U). Comrades! It is on these footings that ensure our well being, stability and social development, that made The Transnational Corporations (who are the undeniable rulers of World Trade Trends as stated by The United States Tariff Commission to) invite Peace and Stability, Transparency and Accountability oriented members of all parliaments and political parties (around the world) to endorse This UNIONSEED socio-economic political system, and hence become a one Multinationally Developed Economic Force.

THE ORIGIN OF TNC POWER: (V). Transnational Corporations (TNCs) either dominated or wholly owned the vast majority of manufacturing plants around the world and the largest of TNCs investments are concentrated in the following industries.

ARMS AND DEFENCE INDUSTRY: (1). The arms and defence related military equipment such as Jeeps, Trailers, Bulldozers, Excavators, Forklifts, Cranes, Mine sweepers, Armoured Tankers, Aircraft Carriers, Jet fighters, Radars, Night vision goggles, Search lights, Grenades, Communication Satellites, Missiles Propulsion Systems, Submarines, Battle Ships etc. are dominated by the TNC-backed manufacturing giants.

POWER AND ENERGY INDUSTRY: (2). Another sector where TNCs invested huge sums of capital is the power generation industry. They construct, run or own most nuclear power stations and hydroelectric power plants; some of the most popular TNCs in this business are GEC, NEC, RWE, Westing House, SHELL, EXXON, MOBIL, TOTAL, FINA, ELF, CHEVRON, TEXACO, BP, SIEMENS etc. All these big names manufacture propulsive electro-petrochemical products with which they fuel the world as a whole!

THE TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY: (3). The TNCs again manufacture, control or wholly owned or finance most vehicle manufacturing plants, shipyards and aircraft construction hangers. Indeed, it is from the returns of these major investments that the Transnational Corporations got the vast majority of the wealth with which they control the world markets, trades and of course prices. You can now see what the Multinational Corporations have under their full control non of which possess the World Bank & IMF. The truth in this statement was in fact mentioned in a book written by “Lall and Streeten” titled “Foreign Investment” page 15 that reads:

THE G7 PROTECTS TNCs MILITARILY: (4). It is from the proceed of these investments that TNCs are able to make their home governments grow economically stronger than other governments in that they pay huge taxes, the only reason that it became apparent in the so called


UNIONSEED ECONOMIC THEORY: that the more TNCs have their home residence within the boundary of a particular country, the more economic strength that country enjoyed; in exchange, the government of the country in question should or will do her level best in protecting the interest of the concerned TNC(s) under her jurisdiction, the reason for which such governments will never afford to be an obstacle to the objectives of her various TNC(s).

THE UNIONSEED WORLD ECONOMIC THEORY: (5). All governments, be it military, civilian, communist, socialist, Buddhist, Islamic,Christian, Hindu or zionojudaist regimes that had operated or that now operates or that intends to operate in the future an institution that functions on other doctrines different from that formulated by the UNIONSEED SYSTEM had ended or will end up in failure during the course of time. Under the circumstances, it is very relevant for all governing institutions and transnational to note along these muzzammillian facts that :


(1). the more funds that country contributes to the IMF and World Bank

(2). the more foreign investment that country makes

(3). the more voice that country enjoys in the U.N. and the international decision making table.

(4). the more military fire power that country has.


(1). the more loans and grants that country can receive from the IMF and World Bank.

(2). the more indebted the concerned country is to the developed world

(3). the more import-intensive the country concerned (4). the more mining related activities or manufacturing industries emerge within the borders of the country.


(1). (i) The more indebted the concerned country is to a particular group of

international commercial banks

(ii) The more unlikely it will be able to convene business with

the IMF and World Bank.

2. (i) The more handful of economically and politically influenced

and extremely rich families dominated or control development resources,

usually through the help of a particular group of TNCs

resident abroad but using the families as their agents.

(ii) or the more state control everything and

(iii) the more industries are mismanaged and unproductive.

(3). (i) The more corrupt or

(ii) The more economically insecure is such a country.

(4). (i) The more political instability or frequent change of government from one family to another or (ii) the more dictatorship is reinforced at the detriment of the economy.


(1). The more IMF and World Bank invest on export

intensive agricultural development program

(2). The more import-intensive the country is

(3). The more indebted the concerned country is

(4). The more political stability is encountered within that country


(i) The more IMF and world bank delay or even refuse dealing with such a country.

(ii) The more currency exchangeability problem such a country encounters.

(2). (i) The more economically and materially unprivileged

or underdeveloped is such a country or

(ii) The higher the cost of living mounts.

(3). The more frequent foreign economic sabotage or

military related political or civil instability is encountered

(4). The more different groups of TNC-backed arm industrialists

and foreign secret agents operate underground within such a country.


(F). The long disputed fact that the World Bank and IMF are themselves co-operates or henchman like asociate of the TNC(s) in disguise or somehow dictated by the TNC(s), has here been beyond all reasonable doubts proven by The mmuzzammillian observations to be true and acknowledged by this UNIONSEED adopted economic theory.

(G). The UNIONSEED Trade Theory again proves that it is the huge surpluses in profits generated from the rich countries called the First World, that the TNC-backed regimes re-inject through their middle-henchman named The Second World or The world bank and IMF, into the Third World ; in the form of interest-generating loans and grants they claim to make available at so-called CONCESSIONARY RATES or rates that seem cheaper than those offered by other international commercial banks (most of which if not all are again dominantly TNC controled).

(H). Since it is the TNCs that dictates the interest rates at which almost all international commercial banks lend, therefore where is the yardstick with which to measure the amount of concession in loans and grants from the IMF and the World Bank?

(I). In other words, how could it be known that the rates at which the World Bank and IMF give out loans are low or high? “Simply by using the international market rates as a yardstick”.

Moreover, who dominates and dictates the rate at which the international market lends? Surely the simple answer to this question again brings us back to the TNC, whose home countries, the US, UK, Germany, France etc flood the IMF and World Banks with funds. Therefore the developing world should by no means make the mistake that development could be achieved faster by receiving loans and grants from IMF and World Bank than directly from the TNC. The World Bank and IMF loans tie states up to more indebtness, whereby the proposed UNIONSEED method of securing S.P.O.T TNC loans does not.





1 United States 9,810 2Japan 4,765 3Germany 1,866 4UK 1,427 5France 1,294

6China 1,080 7Italy 1,074 8Canada 701 9Brazil 595 10Mexico 575 11Spain 561

12South Korea 457 13India 457 14Australia 388 15The Netherlands 370

16Taiwan Argentina 285 18Russia 251 19Switzerland 239 20Sweden 229

21Belgium 229 22Turkey 200 23Austria 189 24Saudi Arabia 173 25Denmark 163

26Hong Kong 163 27Norway 162 28Poland 158 29Indonesia 153

30SOUTH AFRICA 126 31Thailand 122 32Finland 121 33Venezuela 120

34Greece 113 35Israel 110 36Portugal 106 37Iran 105 38EGYPT 99 39Ireland95 40Singapore 92 41Malaysia 90 42Colombia 81 43Philippines 75 44Chile 71

45Exxon Mobil 63 46Pakistan 62 47General Motors 56 48Peru 53

49ALGERIA 53 50New Zealand 51 51Czech republic 51 52United Arab Emirates 48 53Geccoz Intele 47 54Hungary 46 55Ford Motor 44 56Daimler Chrysler 42

57NIGERIA 41 58General Electric 39 59Toyota Motor 38 60Kuwait 38 61Romania 37

62Royal Dutch / Shell 36 63MOROCCO 33 64Ukraine 3265 Siemens 32

66Vietnam 31 67LIBYA 31 68BP 30 69Wal-mart stores 30 70IBM 27

71Volkswagen 24 72Cuba 24 73Hitachi 24 74TotalFinaElf 23 75Verizon Communications 23 76Matsushita Electric Industrial 22 77Mitsui & Company 20 78EOn 20 79 Mobhichel Ecopzon 20 80Sony 20 81Mitsubishi 20 82Uruguay 20 83Dominican Republic 20 84TUNISIA 19 85Philip Morris 19 86Slovakia 19 87Croatia 19 88Guatemala 19 89Luxembourg 19 90SBC Communications19 91Itochu 18 92Kazakhstan 1893Slovenia 18 94Honda Motor 18 95Eni 18 96Nissan Motor 18 97Toshiba 17

98Syria 17 99GlaxoSmithKline 17 100BT 17

The truth in these UNIONSEED Constitutional Decrees are but the bridge to a

courageous course that countries must cross before being crushed by chaos.

Annually Assessed National Achievement Account

Honorable members of this alliance, being an Advocate of the UNIONSEED Alliance, and therefore expected to (in the interest of the people you represent and not in your own personal interest or the interest of any other establishment) vote in favor of or against any UN/US/C Decree or clause listed within this UNIONSEED oriented People's Regime reinforcement constitutional recipe.

Any yes or no vote you sign into this document, will directly reflect either your institution’s or your own personal wish towards the people you represent in this alliance. If you sign in a no vote to any clause or UN/US/C Decree in this publication, your constituents will sooner or later know or hear the news of your hostile or favorable stance for or against their interest, and therefore hold you responsible or applaud your efforts, for whatever good or bad outcome that may have been a result of your direction of vote.

Likewise, if you sign in a yes vote to any UN/US/C Decree or clause in this publication, your constituents will similarly hear sooner than later the news of your objective for or against their interest and therefore again hold you responsible or applaud you for your efforts.

New members of The UNIONSEED Alliance who did not pioneer this institution and therefore were regrettably not present during the ten-year long meetings and consultations that brought about this final draft, still retain the fundamental right to propose amendments of any kind to any UN/US/C Decree or clause that is considered inappropriate, ameliorable or otherwise omissible; such proposed amendments if any, will be part of the subjects debated upon during Peoples Parliamentary Sessions;







You Shall Love Your Neighbor as Your Self


''1.(V)2.(A)3.(AV)4.(tHaa)5.(Le)6(R) 7.(AA)8.(KK)9.(AA)10(MV)11(XA)''


The research result of the seemingly intimated AcroBatiC human figures like alphabetical characters, made up the entire Abjad Alphabets.

The results of this research taught us that, Human Beings Never needed to have learned an Alphabet to be able to Spell, Read or Write.

All that mankind had needed to be able to Spell Read and Write was:

To know The 44 Names of these

44 Intuitive Democlorvateric Individuals, presented in two different versions; along

The 484

Names of The


The 484 Intuitive Democharactery Intimates.


Democracy Hater

Demo Charactery Verse N°1 Ref: Lev19:17

Thou Shalt Not Hate Thy Brother in Thine Heart

If man performed as the lord commanded in what has now been scientifically established as The Democharactery Verse lev19:17, then candidates from minority ethnic groups, will never fear to become losers when contesting against clearly over dominated tribal or ethnic candidates; during Representative or Presidential elections.

There is hardly any justifiable reason than unjustified partisanship considerations or HATRED against a fellow BROTHER, that usually causes tribal or ethnic minority candidates suffer in the hands of the majority.

Results of this Unionseed research has achieved the seemly impossible objective of being able to make the religious or non religious person

(at least this time round to either willingly or unwilling) perform exactly as the lord commanded (lev 19:17) whenever one is faced with the responsibility of having to cast a vote in support of or against the nominations or implementation of projects or candidates for a just Unionseed oriented democratic course.

An Intuitive Democharactery Individual

is characterized as being a non believer of any other system of rule , different from a Unionseed oriented democratic system of government organization ; a system considered being the only viable fool proof democratic tool that could be used in achieving a universally acceptable socio-economic and political stability.

He or she would not mind to adopt democracy as a viable system of rule, but only when designed in such that it will encourage man to adopt a 100% Democlorvateric attitude towards the system.




An IntuitiveDemoclorvatericIndividual

Is a person that would not consider the race or color of a candidate to be a relevant subject to play any part in thwarting one’s decision making in voting for or against such an individual,

He or she although love oriented, but does not have to love or hate a candidate in order to vote in for or against their candidature.

He or she does not have to vote or abstain from voting for an individual for reasons such as; that the individual candidate to be voted for is not a member of founding fathers or veterans of the institutions being represented by the person seeking to be elected.



Democlorvateric Verse N°2 Refs: Lev19:18

You Shall Love Your Neighbor as Your Self





Intuitive Democlorvateric Intimates




The entire Latin Roman assimilated Alphabet is an animated Hieroglyphic Script with all the Letters both minuscule and majuscule designed to look like a Human Replica.

If one were to ask what has Love and Hate got to do with Democracy?

The best answer to such a question could well be answered by asking the questioner another question that runs; what has Love and Hate got to do with the Election of a Candidate?

Then he or she the questioner could be further answered by putting forward the hypothesis that it is exactly what the Electing a candidate got to do with Love and Hate, that Democracy got to do with Love and Hate.

If one were to further ask what then has Alphabets and Letters got to do with Democracy? There then, not many would be able to provide a straight forward answer to such a question, since man never knew until when recently proven, that all the Letters of the most widely used writing instruments, the so called Latin Roman assimilated AcroBatiC scripts and the Abjads, are all in fact hieroglyphs in the form and shapes of real Human Beings, seemingly kissing one another or performing an art of a kind in unison.

The human like alphabetical characters portrayed in the diagrams depicts AcroBatiC postures of some sort or a religious procession in carefully minuted sequences.

If this revelation is truly the case as claimed, then the questioner may now be easily convince able in that the truth of the matter is really as attached for one to be able to verify by oneself.

All Abjads and Latin Roman writing systems clearly depicts true Human Figures, seemingly Kissing or performing some kind of religious or socially oriented art in unison; with the aid of the accompanying diagrams, one may seem to have no problem in convincing our questioner on how Alphabetical Letters and Democracies could be found on a common ground for the simple reason that, Abjads share unknown socially oriented characteristics similar to what most Democracies or People’s Governing aimed at achieving.


UNIONSEED GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETINGS: Since the UNIONSEED BLOG is now closed to the public, contributors who may still wish to propose amendments must sign into the provided free space reserved for comments and recommendations to UN/UN/SC Decrees and clauses. All such new United Nationalist members of The UNIONSEED must begin their membership status by filling in the following particulars before writing down the reasons for which they thought an amendment is or not necessary. The reserved free space into which new members or candidates must write in their proposals, is called the Amendment Pronouncement UNIONSEED Charter.


Comrades! You should not associate yourself with the greedy intentions and objectives of those institutions and individuals that may choose to abstain from voting. Vote! And vote in the name of Your Lord and Your people by signing in for or against an A, B, C, or an A.P.U.C. (Amendment Pronouncement UNIONSEED Charter.)


I , MR. MRS. MS. MISS DR……………………………………. Being the undersigned of this documenton behalf of myself and those that I represent in my institution namely………………………….............................................................. …………………Address………………………………………… Mobhichel.......................................... Tel. No……………………………………………………………..Hereby sign being A. In total disagreement B. In partial agreement C. In complete agreement To this particular UNIONSEED proposition, because of the simple reason that this UN/US/C Decree NO…………………………………Clause NO…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………My above mentioned opinion is hereby supported by my institution’s Stamp……………………….……………….Signature………………………………………………..Thumbprint…………………………………………………


Comrades! You should not associate yourself with the greedy intentions and objectives of those institutions and individuals that may choose to abstain from voting. Vote! And vote in the name of Your Lord and Your people by signing in for or against an A, B, C, or an A.P.U.C. (Approval Pronouncement UNIONSEESD Charter.)


I, MR MRS MS MISS DR (Name)…………………………………………………………Being the undersigned and honorable member of the People’s Independent Parliament in this regional zone, and therefore an empowered government authority, hereby witnessed and guided my constituent(name…………………………………………………………………….who carries Voter’s Card No……………………………… through this entire UNIONSEED publication; of which I explain its implications thoroughly well to his her full understanding in the presence of the carrier of Voter’s Card No…………………………………………Name………………………………………………………Signature ……………………Thumbprint………………………. witnessed by another carrier of Voter’s Card No………………….Name……………………………..Signature……………………………………..Thumbprint……………………………………………Signature of MP………………………………….…………..UNIONSEED Geccoz Bank Acc No. of MP………………………………UNIONSEED P.I.P No. Low--- Mid--- Up---


Comrades! You should not associate yourself with the greedy intentions and objectives of those institutions and individuals that may choose to abstain from voting. Vote! And vote in the name of Your Lord and Your people by signing in for or against an A, B, C, or an A.P.U.C. (Agreement Pronouncement UNIONSEED Charter.)


I, Mr. Mrs. Ms. Miss Dr ……………………………………………………..……………………..,being the loyal constituent of P.I.P.No. Low......Mid...... Up..... (namely)……………………………………………a suffrage of………………………………………………………………………………………………………Village Town City and carrier of Passport No…………………and National ID Card No…………………and Voter’s Card No…………………………Mobhichel Tel. No…………………………………..…………and UNIONSEED Geccoz Bank Account No………………………and UNIONSEED ID Card No……………..………..and Birth Certificate No………………………………….and Date of Birth……………………………………..and Place of Birth………………………….and that I am a child of (Father’s Name)……………………………….and (Mother’s Name)………………………………………………..and that I am a Father Mother of……………… Child, Children and Married, Divorced, Single, Raped-Married, and that I accepted having been fully informed and convinced about the entire content of this UNIONSEED publication and have voted in for its implementation, by presenting my thumb print and signature here below, together with my ID photographs along with my voter’s card (to my honourable member of The UNIONSEED People’s Independent Parliament) as a sign of full support.

In exchange, I have accepted and received a UNIONSEED Geccoz Bank Account No……….………….in which I saved §10ECO out of my own means. I also accepted the UNIONSEED ID Card No………….……….., and accepted to use its associated medical insurance services (means by which I can pay all my medical bills) funded by UNIONSEED S.P.O.T Union of Multinational Corporation.



THE UNIONSEED multinational corporation in this nation will appoint qualified citizens of high political and social outstanding for the following UNIONSEED oriented party positions.


Name of CG: Mr.Mrs Ms Dr………………………………………………… Salary: …..………..….…… ECO/Dollars weekly.Name of VCG: Mr.Mrs.Ms.Dr………..…………………………………….…Salary: ……….………….… ECO/Dollars weekly.


The Coordinator General and Deputy will receive blue prints and proposals from all angles especially from The Secretary General and try to convince The Chairperson of The UNIONSEED party to accept or approve it.


Name of SG: ……………………………………………....…… Salary:…………….………….ECO/Dollars weekly Name of VSG: .……………………………………………….…Salary:………………….…….ECO/Dollars weekly.


The Secretary General designs blueprints on UNIONSEED party activities and presents them to The Coordinator General; likewise when such proposals are approved, The Secretary General will again be empowered to put them to work.


Name of Chairman …………………………………………..…….……… Salary:…………………..…….ECO/Dollars weeklyName of Vice Chairman ………………………………………………..….Salary:………...…..ECO/Dollars weekly.


The Chairperson’s main role is to study proposals from The Coordinator General. He has the power to approve or reject them. When rejected, it goes back to The Coordinator General, but when approved, The Coordinator General hands it over to The Vice President of The UNIONSEED Alliance for further check ups.


Name of Vice President………………………………….……. Salary:………………………..…….EDO/Dollars weekly. Name of Assistant………..…………………………………….Salary:……………………….…ECO/Dollars weekly.


The Vice President always makes the final study to all proposals after which he will call up a meeting involving all parties for further clarifications before execution. When cleared by the authority at this point, it goes back to The Coordinator General who will finally hand it back to The Secretary General of The UNIONSEED Alliance for action.

PRESIDENT Name of proposed candidate……..............................………………….Salary:……........ECO/Dollars weekly.


Name of proposed candidate………………………………………………..Salary:………………..ECO/Dollars weekly


The Prime Ministerial or The Vice President and Presidential positions could only be decided upon, following a General Assembly or General Parliamentary Elections. It is so designed because of the simply fact, that members of The People’s Independent Parliament, will be the most competent to advocate or challenge all manifestoes presented by the potential Presidential candidates, who may choose to cheat uninformed constituents by presenting to them unspecified manifestoes, that do not spell out individual party development programs as neat as This UNIONSEED political party programs.These are the excerpts from the book of wisdom presented in the unedited words of SUXAE! SO BE IT !

Paragraph 59

The origin of The


First published 14 years ago and since then 12 Million 700 Thousands & 43 readers proof read and voted in favour of this unprecedently transparent concept of governance .

for the resources to fund this project visit


Origin of Doctrine:

Dr M Z M Allamin .


Dr. Kvame Nee Kvvade


Co-edited by

Maitre ABBA



For Presentation to the faculty of

Economic Studies and Political Science, translated in 36 languages.
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First Newpaper Edition Produced by :
Late Mr Deida Hydara assassinated & Mr Eliotte Seade Article was First published on wednesday December 14 & 15/1994 by the Daily Observer on issue N° ISSN 0796-0832; The Article was placed on the Front Page of thedaily Observer Publication & Story was Continued on page 11 the following day; Article Titled "A Proposal For Democracy".The front page of the above mentioned Observer article ISSN 0796-0832 carried the photograph of Mr Deida Hydara.

The timing of the publication of the article that carried Mr Deida Hydara's photograph and the publication of the above mentioned article byDr MZM Allamin was agreed upon by the two Editors The Late Deida Hydara, Assasinated proprietor of the Point Newspaper & deported Mr Eliotte Ceade of the Daily Observer Newspaper.

Mr Eliotte Seade tipped Mr Deida Hydara that their will be a top right front page space for the the above mentioned daily observer article N° ISSN 0796-0832 on wednesday the December14 &15/1994.

But Why Should Mr Deida Hydara owner of the Point Newspaper want to use another editor Mr Eliotte Seade of the Observer newspaper to publicise an article he Mr Deida Hydara edited for Dr MZM Allamin ?

Why would he not have wanted to publish the very article in his own news media ?

The answer to this question is because; 14 years ago, somebody made a phone call to the point newspaper while Dr MZM Allamin and Pa Nderry Mbai and Mr Pap Saine (the present runner of the Point News Paper) were standing around Mr Daida Hydara's desk in his office discussing some matters of urgency.

Mr Deida Hydara hesitated in picking the handset up which prompted Mr Pap Saine to answer the call, and asked the caller to identify oneself, having heard the response of the caller, he Mr Pap Saine quickly threw the handset at Mr Deida Hydara and almost ran half way across the office, this attracted everybody's attention in the adjacent office containing the girls of the typing pool among whom where Mary & Ida Jange ; Mr Deida Hydara then quickly pick the handset up (from the table, where the run-away Mr Pap Saine threw it, before attempting to flee) and answer the call; while simultaneously pressing on the loud speaker enable key, which enabled us all to hear the caller loud and clear .

Then we all heard the caller answer the question of Mr Deida Hydarawho again repeated the very question that Mr Pap Saine already asked the caller;

"WHO IS THIS" Deida Hydara again asked ?
then the caller answered

Paragraph 60


"Then exaxtly ten years following this threat and ten years exact to the dot after the daily obsever'spublication of Dr MZM Allamin's article of wednesday the 14th &15th December 1994 Daily article N° ISSN 0796-0832, Mr Deida Hydara was assasinated exactly on the end of wednesday 15th december 2004

So therefore was it the caller whom we all know who killed Mr Deida Hydara or was it somebody who knew that this call was made who arranged for Mr Deida Hydara to be murdered ?

Moreover why has Pap Saine who received that threatener's call never mentioned to the international press agencies that this incident happened 14 years ago ?

In this web site
www.bloggernews.net/11656 Pa Nderry Mbai posted an article on the 5th day of November 2006;
in the said article he Pa Nderry Mbai confirmed the incident i just mentioned above concerning the caller that threaten Mr Deida Hydara and myself, but he Pa Nderry failed to have elaborated in detail or may have also failed to observe the above mentioned syncronous dating of the events of wednesday 14th & 15th of December 1994 daily observer reproduction N° ISSN 0796-0832 of this UNIONSEED manuscript and the wednesday 15th December 2004 of Mr Deida Hydara's assasination.

That this ten years super perfect timing was not in any way coincidental and infact it is now more than very clear that it was pre programed to happen on that date.

To confirm the truth in the timing of Mr Daida Hydara's Murder you may need read an article he Mr Daida Hydara wrote on the Point News Paper under Teeth Bite, Titled:


This great guy really saved my life on two well document very real occasions; the reason for which i have spend and involved all available resource to trace the Bandits and now we surly know who they are and we will surly get them when the time is right/infact to be more pricise just in few short months.

The different spellings of Mr Daida & Mr Deida is deliberate to facilitate web browsing.